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 Circle of Care is a group of caring people organized to help people with ALS and their caregivers.


Tasks that families need help with may include, walking the dog, cooking a meal, providing companionship or transportation and other daily activities for which the caregiver is responsible.

One person is trained as the coordinator and organizes the “Circle of Care” group.  The coordinator is usually close to, but not a member of, the immediate family.

The National Office and the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of The ALS Association will provide a three hour training class needed to become a Circle of Care coordinator.

Circle of Care Coordinator Training Classes will be held as follows:

 June 5th in Pasadena
July 10th in Torrance
August 7th in Westlake Village

The primary purpose of forming a Circle of Care is to reduce caregiver responsibilities and reduce the worry the person with ALS has about their caregiver.

By caring for the caregiver, the person with ALS is helped.

For more information, contact Joyce Lauterback, 818-249-3021 or [email protected] 

People with ALS and their caregivers may need your help
but hesitate to ask.

Become a Circle of Care Coordinator. 




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